Art Activities

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is about art, of course, so we’d like to suggest some activities that allow people of all ages to express their artistic abilities while enjoying the Stampede’s public art exhibit.

How Many Legs?

How many legs does this ox have?

Photographers, what better scene to capture than an ox grazing in a field by the side of the road on a beautiful fall afternoon? We encourage all photographers,  professional and amateur, to take photographs of the oxen – everything from “selfies” with your favorites, to landscapes that surround the oxen, to the stunning sites you see as you meander your way through the beautiful Hopewell Valley discovering the Stampede oxen. How about something humorous? You can share your photos on our Facebook page, or Instagram (#ollyox, @hvartscouncil) so others can appreciate your work.

Kids can create their own ox design by downloading and embellishing the ox outline. Photos of their finished creations can also be posted to the Arts Council’s Facebook page and Instagram.