From Fans of the Stampede

The Stampede garnered fans far and wide. And art is inspiring…. Valley locals and friends from afar love our beautiful oxen. Here are some tidbits from our fans – comments, ideas for enjoying the Stampede, prizes, and their own fun and games. Have something to contribute? Post it on our Facebook page.

The Stampede and contests are over, but you can still see many photos related to these fan-inspired sensations by following the links.

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Matching George

  • Check out this photo album of all the oxen by photographer Ed Groth.
  • Thanks to Kristen Buono for the  Olly Olly Oxen Free Picture Scavenger Hunt! Many of the oxen have moved, and leave the valley then reappear, so this can be an ongoing challenge!
  • A Facebook post from a friend referring to the vandalism and her son’s contribution to fixing it. Please help us keep our lovely works of art safe from vandals by keeping an eye out and reporting anything you see to the local police:

My son, Matthew Brown, wanted to raise some money to help with any costs for repairing the Oxen after the vandalism. He and his friends helped paint Patches at Toll Gate and have enjoyed seeing the Ox all over the Valley. They were stunned that anyone would do something to deface them. We’re sending in a small check from the Lemonade Stand they did – but want you to know it comes from some really big hearts who love what you are doing. – in Pennington, NJ

  • From one of the Stampede artists:
You must be ecstatic…the finished work is really more gorgeous than another. I really commend you both for your amazing organization and the professionalism each step along the way…I am thrilled to be a part of the project.
  • Here’s an oxen joke for you wild and crazy folks….
    What do you call cattle with a sense of humor?