Play “Where’s Olly?”

Where's Olly?Use the Stampede map and Cattle Drive touring route to explore the Stampede oxen, then use your smartphone and a QR Code Reader to log each ox you visit by scanning the code found on the plaque. Everyone who visits all 68 oxen will be entered in a contest to win fun prizes.

Here’s how to play!

  1. Create your account before you start, or create it when you scan your first QR code.
  2. Start scanning! In order for your phone to record that you’ve seen an ox, you must log in to your Stampede account from your phone before you scan your first QR code. After that, your phone should remain logged in to the contest.
  3. Already have an account? Log in to see a list of all the oxen you’ve visited.

You can see the oxen at your own pace – the contest continues until the Stampede exhibit ends on October 19. Enjoy the beauty of Hopewell Valley as it rolls from summer to fall while you use the Stampede map to make your way around to all of the ox locations. Or, use the Cattle Drive route and visit them all in one day!

No smartphone?

Don’t have a smartphone? It’s still a treat to see all of the Stampede oxen, and there is no stooping down to find the QR code required! If you want to keep track of which you’ve seen on paper, you can download this checklist. If you wish to enter the contest, please send your name, email and the checklist to us in the mail, marked ‘Where’s Olly?’ and post marked by October 20.

Can’t find an ox?

All 68 oxen are on display throughout Hopewell Valley. However, from time to time some of the oxen need to be removed from their exhibit locations for repairs. You can find the list of oxen currently being repaired here.

QR Code Readers

There are many QR code readers available for free. Below are a few suggestions, but any QR code reader should work.