An Oxident Waiting to Happen

This ox is owned by its sponsor.

Artist:   Peter Frantz

Sponsor:   twine.

Artist's Design Statement

“We live in constant memory since there is no present in the sense of something we can see or define, only the memory of the instant before.
‘It’s less about living in the present of some place but more about the continuity of living in the post-past of the calculated step forward.’
We see the moment of discovery written on the screen of the past, how can it be otherwise?  There is no thought without it first happening and no memory without describing it.  We are a continuum of visual imagery and definition; a rolling wave forward where the surf never quite reaches the beach.
Perhaps when it does we move along to another place.  The final “catching up” and the present becomes the past and the past becomes a story we once heard.  And at that point the story has an ending.”

 – p. frantz, the post-past of the calculated step forward

What does this prose have to do with an Ox that by any other name is a ragamuffin of tatters and hemp, wax and cardboard, red fabric and burlap impregnated with tar, you might well ask?

Like us, in the end, that Ox is a wandering collection of days and years and miles traveled. Time that we spend collecting our memories of each passing second and placing them on our backs in a vain attempt to coordinate our lives like a Paris fashion designer; and although we are rarely as successful as we would like, we never cease to try.

Materials: Hemp, fabric, wax, cardboard, burlap, plastic and rubber, among other resources using a myriad of fabrication techniques.  They included, but were not limited to, glue, fiberglass, wire, drilled hole insertion (think chia pet) and painting.

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Current Grazing Spot

twine., 10 East Broad Street, Hopewell (Coming Soon)

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