This ox was purchased at The Year of the Ox gala.

Artist:   E. Gyuri Hollósy and Mary M. Michaels

Sponsor:   Pennington Quality Market

Artist's Design Statement

“ArtToro” was awarded Honorable Mention by our panel of Stampede Judges.  Congratulations!

Winning Gala Bid:  $2,500

ArtToro is an ox from Hopewell Valley, NJ. He is friendly, approachable, majestic, and powerful–but also a bit sassy, too.

ArtToro is unique among oxen for his following characteristics:

  • In a reversal of roles, he is dressed as a matador in his traje de luces (suit of lights) with the metallic trim, and especially the highly decorated shoulder pads.
  • He is arrayed with multiple sections, mimicking plates of armor, giving him extra power and self-defense.
  • He has an armadillo-like tail, further enhancing his protection.
  • Below his knees are the rose colored stockings that are typically worn by the matador.
  • His hooves are polished and black, similar to the zapatillos (shoes) of the matador.
  • The end of his tail, his ears and his forehead are finished with dreadlocks, which are the corded hair of a Puli dog, a Hungarian sheepdog.
  • In his ear, he has a large metal earring where he normally would have his tag, giving ArtToro just a hint of a hip attitude. 

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