Childhood "Wox" Through Hopewell Valley

This ox was sold during the online auction.

Artist:   MOMS Club of Hopewell Valley

Sponsor:   Hopewell Township

Artist's Design Statement

Winning Bid:  $2,300

As a group of mothers raising children in Hopewell Valley, we spend our days frequenting the area’s parks, playgrounds, restaurants and schoolyards. Through our ox design, “Childhood Wox Through Hopewell Valley,” we wanted to tell a visual story about what it means for our children to live here that resonates with generations of Hopewell residents who cherish fond memories of growing up in the region.

Our ox features a painted mural of recognizable local landmarks: Kunkel and Rosedale Parks, the Lawrence Hopewell Trail, local ice cream parlors, pools and elementary schools figure prominently in our design.

MOMS Club member and local artist Betsy Gicquel designed and led the primary painting of the mural using acrylic paint. Our older children helped paint color onto each drawing while younger children stamped their footprints to connect the various landmarks and serve as a nod to the Stampede theme. This not only gave our children a chance to participate in the project, but symbolized the walk generations have taken throughout their childhood across Hopewell Valley.

Wendy Deschapelles, also a MOMS Club member, spearheaded the mosaic design portion, using small, collected items gathered from our members’ homes — such as puzzle pieces, marbles, beads, small toys and art supplies — to decorate the head, legs and tail of our ox.

We hope that our children and generations to come will enjoy visiting the ox and remembering their “Childhood Wox Through Hopewell Valley.”

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