Cointreau On The Ox

This ox is owned by its sponsor.

Artist:   Mike & Sara Keeler

Sponsor:   Straube Foundation and the Tenants of Straube Center

Artist's Design Statement

From 1943 to 1967, the Straube Center served as the sole American distillery for the world-famous liqueur brand Cointreau. We intend to create an Ox that informs viewers of this fact, and gives them a feel for the importance of this business in our town’s past.

We created a vinyl collage Ox that is both informational and visually striking.  Each side of the Ox features an informational panel that informs viewers about the Straube Center’s history as a Cointreau distillery, and the importance that this business had in our local economy.  Surrounding these panels and adorning the rest of the Ox, is a montage of vintage Cointreau advertising.  The Cointreau brand is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and striking in the world.  Viewers can circle the Ox and enjoy these ads, many of which ran during the time that Pennington was producing Cointreau.

The resulting artwork, “Cointreau on the Ox,” is a colorful three dimensional collage intended to bring a critical piece of Pennington’s heritage to life.

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Current Grazing Spot

Straube Center, 114 W Franklin Avenue, Pennington

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