George and his Senior Officers

This ox was sold during the online auction.

Artist:   Artist’s Choice, Hopewell Valley Senior Citizens

Sponsor:   A Friend of Hopewell Borough

Artist's Design Statement

Winning Bid:  $3,900

“George and his Senior Officers” received the Hopewell Valley Arts Council Award.  Congratulations!

Artists Choice is a group of senior citizens in Hopewell Valley who paint together one day a week. Bob Barrish and Susan Ewart are the facilitators for the group. We have about six regular members.

The group decided on an historic theme for Olly. We thought this was a significant representation for Hopewell Valley’s important history. All members brain-stormed about an appropriate theme. We voted on submitting a designed created by Bob Barrish with the theme of George Washington. The group worked together and adapted the design of “George.” 



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Current Grazing Spot

Corner of Model Street & Louellen Avenue (Route 518), Hopewell

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