Kate Eggleston

Ox:   Babe the Blue Ushi

About the Artist

Kate Eggleston received her B.A. in Visual Arts from Ramapo College of New Jersey in 2005, along with an NJ Art Teacher K-12 certification.  After teaching each grade level over the course of six years (high school being the favorite), she took a break from education to concentrate on her own work.

Working intuitively, Kate allows the subject matter to dictate the materials.  Art making provides her with perspective, and affords her the time to mull over the events in her life as the work progresses.  Kate playfully crafts sardonic metaphors for the female experience, including but not limited to domesticity, modern culture, and motherhood.  She is constantly experimenting with new media and honing her creative processes.

She enjoys comics, Renaissance faires, geocaching, petting zoos, and spending summers in Port Loring, Ontario with family.  She lives in NJ with her husband, daughter, and their furry, four-legged babies.

Website:  http://kateeggs.com