Leon Rainbow

Ox:   Jersey Strong (as an Ox), Inside Ox

About the Artist

A Trenton-based artist who combines graffiti, street art and other artistic forms into his innovative projects and events; Rainbow’s art is a fusion of life and imagination.  His images and message resonate with a wide variety of people, as they register his protest, agreement, joy and frustrations with social issues and current events.

At an early age, Rainbow mastered block letters, and he has since built on that foundation by exaggerating the letters into elaborate forms and styles, thus forging a strong connection to hip-hop culture.

The artist serves as the Executive Director of Albus Cavus, a non-profit based in Washington DC that utilizes the power of public art for community development and to revitalize public spaces.  Committed to community service, Rainbow annually curates two art festivals in New Jersey and teaches workshops in the Trenton After-School Program.

Website:  http://www.leonrainbow.com