Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella and Friends

Ox:   Ox Power

About the Artist

Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella ( was the lead artist on OX POWER. Her work is primarily in sculptural tiles and ceramic murals.  A resident of Metuchen, NJ, Linda is a full-time ceramic artist working at Earthsongs Ceramic Studio since 1993. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Neumann College in Aston, PA, and her MFA in Ceramics and Painting from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.  A recent major project is a two-part mural permanently installed in the dining area at the new Capital Health Hospital in Hopewell.

Eight additional women artists collaborated on “Ox Power”

  • Kim Adlerman ( / Metuchen, NJ – Uses of the ox in ancient Egypt
  • Allison Doatch ( / Edison, NJ – Oxen pulling covered wagons in the American West
  • Inbar Fried (student) / Israel – Oxen festively decorated in the Alps
  • Janice Fried ( / Metuchen, NJ – Uses of the ox in Asian countries
  • Thelma Fried ( / Monroe Twp., NJ – The mythic and universal concept of the ox
  • Joy Kreves ( / Ewing, NJ – Oxen plowing
  • Lauren Rabinowicz ( / Edison, NJ – Ox in hauling huge loads
  • Sandy Rosen ( / Princeton, NJ – Use of the ox during the European Middle Ages


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