Nancy Staub Laughlin

Ox:   OOOXXX Sparkle

About the Artist

Nancy Staub Laughlin works exclusively with pastels on paper.  For the artist, the process is as important as the finished drawing, even though the viewer is unaware of the hidden steps.  Her “simulated still lifes” allow the artist to enter an unreal world of her own creation. 

Laughlin creates these still lifes first by gathering specifically chosen “props” and then combining them to create a “new” concept of the still life.  Her extensive collection of mirrors of every kind, glass objects in every shape, sheer fabrics, baubles and sparkles, allow the artist to create the appropriate balance of translucency, layering and glitter. Bodies of water, be it bowls, fountains, photographs of oceans, or even a glimmer of a reflection of shimmery water, are also incorporated to add to the controlled, multi-layering of objects. 

The artist studied at the California College of Arts and Crafts before receiving her BFA from the Moore College of Art in Philadelphia.  Laughlin has had solo exhibits at the Noyes Museum of Arts, Kean University, Noho Gallery and at the State House in Trenton.   Her work has been accepted into the permanent collection of the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University and the artist has been inducted into the National Association of Women in the Arts.