This ox was sold during the online auction.

Artist:   Tracy Patterson

Sponsor:   BTaylor Public Affairs as a tribute to the Lawrence Hopewell Trail

Artist's Design Statement

Winning Bid:  $1,750

My ox project, titled Oxford, highlights Hopewell Valley’s history. The ox is almost entirely covered with a mix of words, punctuated with a hidden message (the word “community”), marked in a contrasting color. The words are all instrinsic to the Hopewell Valley region. The title “Oxford” is meant to refer to the renowned dictionary.

A brief, but not inclusive, list of keywords includes:

  • Hopewell
  • Borough
  • Pennington
  • Stony Brook
  • Toll Gate
  • Farming
  • Revolutionary
  • Bucolic
  • Heritage
  • Titusville

A hashtag (#OxfordHVAC) is applied as one of the keywords to add an interactive element to the project.

The lettering was applied with acrylic paint, covered with a protective clear coating.

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Current Grazing Spot

Dog Park, 424 Federal City Road, Pennington

Exhibition Map Number: