This ox was sold during the online auction.

Artist:   Kevan Lunney

Sponsor:   Sansome Pacific

Artist's Design Statement

Winning Bid:  $2,100

Oxtentacious is a joyful beast, who represents the spaciousness and abundance in Hopewell Valley; qualities which are highly regarded as ideal for a place of residence.

The colors remind us of bountiful fruit, flowers, vegetables, grain, and water stretching far into the horizon. The use of fabric is a natural one for me as an artist who works in fabric, paint and stitch. I particularly love the rich visual texture and patterning that fabric gives to the design.

Many small pictures are included in the design. Can you find them? Dinosaur, Fire Flies, Duck, Panda, Koala, Airplane, Hot Air Balloon, White Crane, Orangutan, Young Monkey, Red Chili Pepper, Butterfly, Two Brown Rabbits, Dragonfly, Moth, Lady Bug, Moon, Saturn, Zebra, Tiger, Nine Numbers, Faces in a Crowd, Cow Jumping over the Moon, Robin, Four Tiny Rabbits with Bows on their Necks, Bumble Bee, and a Swallowtail Butterfly. 

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Current Grazing Spot

445 Scotch Road South, Hopewell Township

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