RoByn Thompson

Ox:   Putting the X's and O's in Ox

About the Artist

I use color to keep away the darkness.

RoByn Thompson is a Paterson NJ artist who’s daily painting practice is a powerful weapon in her fight against depression. She is an award-winning fine art body painterphotographer and mixed media artist who uses her art to empower herself and others. It is also a method to explore her world and a tool in her search for meaning.

RoByn’s artwork has been seen in such diverse places as the cover of Time Out New York, the Tyra Banks Show, HBO’s Flight of the Concords and Time Magazine’s website. Although best known for her body painting photography, she also mixes media including painting, drawing and printing. She loves color and is intrigued by that which is abstracted.

A Jersey Girl, RoByn is a lover of art, chocolate, magick and sleep.  She is curious.

(cu•ri•ous–adjective : 1.eager to learn or know; inquisitive. 2. arousing or exciting speculation, interest, or attention through being inexplicable or highly unusual; odd; strange).

She paints people then shoots them, much like those tag and release programs.

When not painting, shooting or sleeping:

  • She can sometimes be found singly loudly and off-key or dancing like a White girl.
  • She also loves Tom Robbins and Christopher Moore books. Her secret literary vices include Cosmo Magazine and Death Merchant books.
  • Her favorite movies are The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Paco and her Magical Book.
  • Musically, she’s a Deadhead, loves Bob Marley, Warren Zevon and Mike Oldfield.
  • She is happiest playing with her computer, paints, camera, book and wrapped in her Hello Kitty blankie.
  • She can be distracted with chocolate and shiny things.

Her artwork has been seen in such diverse places as the cover of Time Out New York, the Tyra Banks Show, HBO’s Flight of the Concords and Time Magazine’s website.