Splendor In The Glass

This ox was sold during the online auction.

Artist:   Jane A. Zamost

Sponsor:   Capital Health

Artist's Design Statement

Winning Bid:  $2,201

Elegance, power and harmony with nature – three qualities I hope visitors will sense when viewing, touching and responding to “Splendor In The Glass.”

To convey these characteristics, prominent areas of green, brown and bronze created in paint and mosaic dominate the design vocalizing these meanings:

• Green, the color of growth, calm and renewal. It is said that green, being a combination of yellow and blue, holds the optimism of yellow with the emotional calm of blue;
• Brown, the color of stability and support provokes viewers to witness the power of the ox. The green/brown combination, aside from illustrating nature’s beauty, also symbolizes rejuvenation and balance; and
• Bronze, a color of strength, durability and brilliance presents the final stroke to this artistic endeavor.

Recycled materials have been incorporated whenever possible and include glass, mirrors, stone and china. As an artist, I strive to find the beauty in that which has been cast aside. It is a reminder to us all that one person’s garbage is another’s treasure. Demonstrating to visitors that something traditionally discarded can be manipulated and transformed into beauty is, to me, the magic of the artist. Where better to make this come to life but in art, and more specifically, to kick off The Stampede, the groundbreaking and first major project of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council?

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Current Grazing Spot

Capital Health, One Capital Way, Pennington

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