This ox was sold during the online auction.

Artist:   Hopewell Elementary School - Gay Hong Hua and Student Artists

Sponsor:   Morehouse Engineering

Artist's Design Statement

Winning Bidding:  $2,900

The Hopewell Elementary ox design is centered on the idea of our mascot, Freddy the Frog. Students took inspiration from Claude Monet’s Water Lily paintings.

Each side is similar, featuring lily pads and flowers placed in different areas. Students then created a thumb print frog representing them. These were signed using their initials. When looking at the ox from a distance, these frogs are not very distinct, but once up close there is a pleasant surprise. Each student that helped paint the ox will forever be a part of it.



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Current Grazing Spot

Hopewell Elementary School, 35 Princeton Avenue, Hopewell

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