Cindy Laliwala, Brittany Pezzillo, Vince DiPaolo and Cait Higgins

Ox:   Van Gox

About the Artist

The team of artists that created Van Gox were lead by owner and artist of The Painter’s Loft Art Studio,  Cindy Laliwala. Vince DiPaolo, Brittany Pezzillo, both instructors for The Painter’s Loft,  and student Caitlyn Higgins assisted in bringing Van Gox to life.

Cindy Laliwala is a graduate of Parson’s School of Design in NYC with a BFA in communication design. Her specialty is in package/graphics design. She has worked for BMS,  Unliever,  Oxford University Press and other clients for the past 20 years.  In 2010 she started volunteering her time by starting an art enrichment program at Stony Brook Elementary with the help of the PTO. Her mission was to expose children of all ages to art and be able to bring out their personal best. Everyone needs to think outside the box. Art is very personal and not always understood. Most people are apprehensive about creating art because of their own preconceived notion about what art is — but she looks at art as a means of expressing yourself and letting loose. Everyone is a different type of artist and should be appreciated and celebrated for what they are good at!

Vince DiPaolo is currently an instructor at The Painter’s Loft Art Studio. He attended Mercer County College where he studied design. He furthered his education at the College of New Jersey and then at Joe Kubert School. He believes that art is more than accomplishing a painting, a sculpture, or a design… of any kind…Art is owning it! Art is bringing that which is uniquely you to any piece that you create.”,   He is also the Co-Founder of Internet Comics and creates and produces short animated films,   and murals. He currently paints by commission and has donated several of his works to area charities.

Brittany Pezzillo is currently an instructor at The Painter’s Loft Art Studio and a freelance illustrator. She is a graduate of The Kubert School where she specialized in painting. She has worked for the US Army’s PS Magazine and have created illustrations for traditional game companies.

Caitlyn Higgins is a TMS student and a student at The Painter’s Loft Art Studio.