Dancing with Oxen

This ox is owned by its sponsor.

Artist:   Team Karmic Snow

Sponsor:   Pennington Montessori School

Artist's Design Statement

Inspired by the work of Nicki St. Phalle, we are uplifted and feel connected to the magnificent cosmos when we view her sculptures. We aim to capture her joie de vivre and positive energy. Underlying our design are pattern, color, connections of all things, gratitude, wonder and awe.

“Dancing with Oxen” is all about the circularity of our lives. The circle has no beginning and no ending. We are all linked in ways we may not even comprehend. There are circles of connection and layers of relatedness between all living beings and nature.

The viewer sees him or herself in the mirror, and there is an immediate dialogue between the artist, the viewer and all who happen to interact with our sculpture. The viewer is part of the artistic experience, process, and journey. The idea of community and unity are made palpable in this visual and creative expression.  The mirrors reflect who we are at this moment in time and we experience ourselves as part of something much larger. The mirror becomes a metaphor for our lives which are rooted in community.  The dance of life is reflected in the linked figures, their movement and bright colors weaving a fabric of the many layers of connection.  And so the ox becomes the vehicle and symbol of celebration, community and connection.

Materials: acrylic paint, glaze, sealant, mirrors, and adhesive. 

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Current Grazing Spot

Pennington Montessori School, 4 Tree Farm Road, Pennington

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