Team Karmic Snow

Ox:   Dancing with Oxen

About the Artist

“Dancing with Oxen” is a metaphor for our shared vision of the importance of collaboration and relationship.

A diverse group of women from varying backgrounds, cultures and religions coming together for a collective purpose: artistic expression and the building of community. Linked in ways we did not know before, our methods are as diverse as we are: stone carving, clay monoprinting & printmaking, figurative and abstract drawing and painting, and mixed media. Our unique, varied experiences and ideas have been transformed, as we have, forming new circles of connection and layers of relatedness between all living beings and nature.

The joy, passion and energy instilled in each of us is conveyed through the dance of life represented in our design. Imbued with good karma and positive intentions, creating Dalai has been a gift to each of us.

Janis M. Blayne Paul

Her education and training as an architect lay the foundation from which her art has evolved. Using symbology and iconography, her work seeks to inspire and motivate the viewer. The need to be grounded on her path to self-discovery led her to the oldest form of representational art as a means for her creative expression: stone carving. Stone is her preferred medium; for Janis, it symbolizes a state of permanence in an ever-changing world. Washes of color are added to her stone carvings to create movement, accentuate the design and enrich the stone.

Jean Babbino

Jean is an intuitive artist, creating art since childhood. Inspired by nature, ancient architecture & religious symbols, the main focus of her work is to create a beautiful world: something that pleases the eye and creates a dialogue among others. Photography, collage, clay monoprinting & watercolor are her preferred medium for expression.

Kathleen Liao

Kathleen’s explorations of African, Asian, Celtic, European and Mexican art have all influenced her work. In both figurative and abstract work, she expresses sensations of consciousness and dream fragments through the universal languages of color and movement, using geometric shapes, bright colors, and symbolic references. Her art is comprised of hand colored monotypes and mixed media.

Priscilla Snow Algava

Her explorations are inspired by literature, mythology and a deep respect for the natural world. She creates visual poems that invite viewers to imagine, wonder, and wander along with her. The many layers of color and texture suggest the unlimited possibilities each day presents, and her process communicates a dance of figuration and abstraction. Priscilla’s current work is clay monoprints, monoprints, drawing and mixed media.