Inside Ox

This ox was sold during the online auction.

Artist:   Leon Rainbow

Sponsor:   Friends of Jerry's Artarama of Lawrenceville

Artist's Design Statement

Winning Bid:  $1,551

The “Inside Ox” piece shows what the ox’s view could be on a farm. This piece incorporates a warm abstract design in the background and black and white foreground images. This helps to give the imagery in foreground importance.

I chose to paint the skull of the ox to literally show “inside ox”. The birds on the barbed wire fence represent the viewer of the farm. The legs are in opposite colors to help separate them from the rest of the design. In this design I combine an urban style with rural imagery to make the design interesting and current. This design asks the viewer to go inside of themselves to see “Inside Ox”.


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Current Grazing Spot

1382 River Road, Titusville

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