NineTomatoes Mandalas by Dana Weekley

Ox:   Think Inside the Ox

About the Artist

In 2007, Dana was suddenly given deeper access to her inner world through art. The heavens opened and gifted her a limitless supply of lines, symbols and colors that she uses to create mandalas. Within each one, there are coded messages for the viewer, from general awareness to individual concerns.

The mandala (or circle) is the origin of life. Its center represents the eye of the Creator, and gently directs us to the infinite space within. The mandalas remind us that behind our physical facades, we’re each our own perfect, beautiful pattern, exquisitely individual, yet connected in the stillness as One. All wisdom exists here, and nothing of true value can be born from any other vantage point.

NineTomatoes Mandalas have delivered their messages to individuals, studios and businesses in the US, Canada, South America, and all over Europe.


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