Think Inside the Ox

This ox was purchased at The Year of the Ox gala.

Artist:   NineTomatoes Mandalas by Dana Weekley

Sponsor:   Capital Health

Artist's Design Statement

“Think Inside the Ox” was awarded First Place by our panel of Stampede Judges.  Congratulations!

Winning Gala Bid:  $3,750

“Think Inside the Ox” is a visual representation of the life force that creates worlds. This powerful energy thrives in all animals and humans, emanating from the heart center, pulsing through and beyond the body, and connecting us with all other radiant beings.

The mandala (circle of life) is the centerpiece of this Ox design, strategically placed at the heart. It was created specifically for the Ox and is printed on hundreds of paper puzzle pieces, decoupaged together to create the final look.

This mandala design illustrates the movement of radiant energy from the heart throughout the body and beyond. Animals, like the Ox, are naturally tuned into this force, but human habits and conditioning often interfere with our ability to access it. Remembering how to tap into this flow strengthens us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, dramatically improving our daily lives. “Think Inside the Ox” to reconnect to your own infinite power.


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Current Grazing Spot

Music Together, 225 Hopewell Pennington Road, Hopewell

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